Cyber Essentials is changing

Cyber Essentials Logo

From the 1st of April 2020, the National Cyber Security Centre is changing the Cyber Essentials certification process. In a move to standardise the application process, the NCSC is making the IASME Consortium the sole partner, and the four other existing accreditation bodies will no longer be part of the scheme. How will this affect … Read more

Trello data exposed

If you are a user of the poular task management service Trello, you should take a few minutes to check you privacy settings. Although the default option for new boards is ‘Private’, security researchers have discovered many boards that have been set to ‘Public’ by the board owners, either in error or because they misunderstood … Read more

Christmas 2019

Happy New Year

Micro Maintenance would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2019 was a great year for us, and we are looking to build on that by offering more managed services and working more closely with our clients in 2020. This will be a doubly special year for us as we … Read more

End of support for Windows 7

On 14th of January 2020, Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows 7. Although it is a myth that Windows 7 will stop working, you will be putting your computer and your business at risk if you keep using it because there will be no more support or security updates from Microsoft. You can be sure … Read more

European Cyber Security Month 2019

European Cyber Security Month

European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is an EU awareness campaign that promotes cyber security among citizens and organizations about the importance of information security and highlighting the simple steps that can be taken to protect their data, whether personal, financial and/or professional. The main goal being to raise awareness, change behaviour and provide resources to … Read more

The importance of off-site backups

Backup Media Rotation

There are as many different backup strategies as there are IT consultants, but all will agree that having multiple backups to different media types, and having an off-line or ‘cold’ backup is crucial for every business. Modern malware and viruses, and in particular ransomware, has the ability to seek out and permanently destroy any backup … Read more

Artificial Intelligence is now being used to scam businesses


According to The Wall Street Journal, a UK energy company’s chief executive was tricked into paying €200,000 to a supplier because he believed his boss was instructing him to do so. But the company’s insurance firm said that a fraudster was using deepfake software to mimic the voice of the executive and request pay him … Read more