Fibre Optics

Fiber Optics

Fibre optic cabling performance far exceeds that of copper cabling in speed, distance and interference rejection, and the difference in cost is rapidly shrinking. However, while it is now fairly straightforward for a suitably qualified team to install a fibre optic cable, specialist skills and equipment are still required to terminate, test and certify the fibre.

Our fibre optic installers are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of installation, diagnostics and repair, and we have invested in high quality fusion splicing, test & measurement and connector examination equipment.

Fiber Inspection Probe

So if you are in need of a high quality fibre optic installation or a fast repair, get in touch on 01293 446677, or fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of this page for a quick response. All of our installations and repairs are backed by a 24 month warranty.