Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

As part of your Business Continuity Plan, every organisation should have an IT Disaster Recovery Plan. A disaster can be anything that puts your organisation’s operations at risk, from a cyberattack to equipment failures to natural disasters. The goal with disaster recovery planning is to enable your business to continue operating as close to normal as possible under these circumstances.

The planning process involves having a structured approach for responding to unplanned incidents that threaten your company’s IT infrastructure, including hardware and software, networks, procedures and people.

An organization should consider its disaster recovery plan a living document. The plan needs scheduled reviews and updates to ensure it is accurate and will work if a recovery is required. The plan should also be updated whenever there are changes in your business that could affect disaster recovery.

Testing is critical in disaster recovery planning, helping to identify gaps and providing a chance to rehearse actions in the event of a crisis. A plan has a lot of moving parts, so testing it can help your organisation understand exactly what employees should be doing during disaster recovery scenarios.

The majority of businesses that suffer a disaster with no plan in place go out of business shortly afterwards, while those with a plan in place are much more likely to quickly resume normal operations. So call us on 01293 446677 for free advice, or fill in the enquiry form below and we’ll quickly get back to you.