What is an Apple Associate?

Many organisations use Apple Mac computers alongside Windows PCs. Micro Maintenance has several staff certified as Apple Associates, which mean that they have demonstrated their ability to integrate Macs into a Windows networking environment. An Apple Associate has trained in areas such as configuring a Mac to work with a Windows Server, migrating data and setting up back up, and setting up a Mac to run Windows programs.

We have also ensured that our remote support application and our server monitoring software both run on an Apple Mac computer just as well as they do on a Windows based PC.

With its Apple Certified Associate technicians, you can be assured that Micro Maintenance will provide the highest quality service for your business. Whether your business uses Macs, Windows PCs or both, we have the experience and proven expertise to look after your network. Call us on 01293 446677 for free advice, and find out how we can make your business IT run more smoothly.


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